About us

Ventmed is a family owned UK company, specialised in the sourcing and distribution of respiratory consumable products used in Acute care, Emergency care and Homecare settings. With a proactive and ambitious approach supported by an experienced and dedicated respiratory team, Ventmed has coupled increased patient care and comfort with realistic prices reflecting the demands of the NHS today.

We wish to build our product portfolio and work with forward thinking manufacturers in the respiratory sector, who can offer innovative products that demonstrate obvious clinical and patient benefits and encourage enquiries to this aim. We recommend manufacturers contact our senior team to discuss any such opportunities.

To date, Ventmed has developed a successful and motivated partnership with Pulmodyne Inc (www.pulmodyne.com). Ventmed and Pulmodyne will continue to push back the boundaries of increased patient comfort and care introducing new technologies into acute care, prehospital and homecare settings where appropriate.

With a number of innovative products set to be released in late 2016, Pulmodyne, the world renowned ISO certified manufacturer of medical devices for respiratory, emergency, and drug delivery, continues to pursue an aggressive launch programme for its products.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Pulmodyne was founded in 1985 and has consistently developed and manufactured a wide range of high quality and differentiated products. Ventmed and Pulmodyne’s successful relationship has been built upon the successful adoption of the Pulmodyne range of NIV masks and accessories throughout most NHS hospitals, combined with the rapid adoption of Pulmodyne’s disposable CPAP kits and accessories used by Ambulance Services, A&E, Critical Care and Respiratory wards. Our ambition is to work with every NHS hospital to help all patients and clinicians benefit from carefully selected respiratory technology and products.

If you wish to know more about Ventmed and/or Pulmodyne or any additional information about our products and service please contact info@ventmed.com.